Alpaca Socks That Will Keep You Warm

Alpaca Socks That Will Keep You Warm


Alpaca Socks That Will Keep You WarmIf you are a fan of warm and comfortable socks, then you should be a fan of Alpaca socks. They are the perfect material for socks that are going to keep your feet warm while skiing or sitting at the bar in the lodge.

They Are As Soft As An Alpaca

These socks are made from Alpaca fiber, one of the softest materials on the planet. The material is often compared to wool, but it is not even comparable when it comes to softness. The younger the Alpaca, the softer the fiber produced will be in most cases. Some of the most successful Alpaca breeders have been able to breed Alpacas that produce baby quality fiber well into their teen years.

As Light As A Feather

Alpaca Fiber is warmer and more durable than wool, yet it is much lighter. This allows you Alpaca socks lo be lightweight so that you can wear them with just about any shoes. They are not the socks to buy if you are looking to stuff your shoe and wear a larger shoe size!

They Are Oder free

Unlike Wool and Other smelly materials, Alpaca fur does not contain lanolin. This means that it is naturally non-smelly and greasy. In fact, Alpacas don’t even attract flies like most other farm animals. The fiber can be shaved and spun without having to go through the hassle of cleaning like you do with wool.

It’s Even Hypoallergenic

Because the fiber does not contain lanolin, Alpaca socks are naturally hypoallergenic. You will not have to worry about allergies or itchiness when you are wearing this great product.

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Extreme Alpaca Socks

These Alpaca wool socks feature the largest percentage of Alpaca out of any production Alpaca socks. They are 75% Alpaca with a blend of other materials to help keep shape and size. These socks are way more comfortable than the wool socks your mom used to make you wear, yet they are 5 times warmer.

Many companies have tried to imitate these extreme Alpaca socks, but not one can produce the same quality. These socks are worn by US troops in Afghanistan and by hikers all over the world.

Warrior Alpaca Socks – Men’s Argyle Baby Alpaca Socks

If you are looking for ultimate comfort, then you need these socks. They are made from baby Alpaca, or Alpaca fiber from the first sheering of the animal. This fiber is the softest it will ever be and still have the same warmth and durability as adult fiber.

This product is warm, comfortable, and so thin that you can wear them with any type of shoe imaginable. They are perfect for your everyday worker bee that likes to have warm feet!

Geometric Floral Patterned Crew Alpaca Socks Premium Quality – AndeanSun

If you are looking for a fashionable crew sock, then this is what you need. Made from 50% alpaca fiber, blended with other materials to maintain size and shape. These crew socks make it possible to where luxury socks at any occasion.

 More About Alpacas

Alpaca are herd animals that are native to the mountainous regions of South America. They have been bred and raised there for thousands of years for their fiber and meat. Here in The United States, we raise them primarily for the fiber that they produce.

That fiber is three to five times warmer than wool, depending on who you ask. It is also one of the softest materials on earth, being softer that cashmere. As if that was not good enough, the fiber is also extremely durable. So durable that they actually use it to make rugs as well as Alpaca wool socks and other items that need to be as soft as possible.

The Alpaca are social herd animals, meaning that they need to live in packs of at least a few to remain happy. Most of the products on the market are produce in Peru because there is not enough fiber production in The United States to mass produce the clothing that the market requires.

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