Black and White – Always Right


Momma here, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Our Colorado New Year started out cold and snowy, but thankfully we missed the big snow storm currently covering most of the nation. Dad and I took some excellent photos of our little herd’s snow antics on Sunday morning, and I thought you might enjoy seeing them.

Brittany 1 Brittany 2

Brittany is our true black alpaca, but on a cold and snowy day she is anything but true black. The density of her “blanket” or fleece keeps her insulated from the cold; just look at all of the snow still sitting on her back.


CiCi and Brittany trudging through the new snow. Notice how CiCi has no snow on her fleece. She sleeps in the barn, no toughing it out in the elements for her.


Vannie standing tall in the turnout. His “blanket” is incredibly dense, at noon he still had a thick layer of snow on his back.

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