Christmas with Cliffhouse

Hello all! Production has staggered to a halt as we all take a break from knitting and spinning to celebrate being together.

Jared, Olive and Bobbin get ready to open presents. Christmas really goes to the dogs around here, and we love it.

Jared and I are still the kids in the family, though Momma and Dad have a grand-dog, Derby. So we lavish plenty of attention on the inside animals as willing surrogates.

Being spoiled is exhausting.

Being spoiled is exhausting.

We have our big, semi-formal party on Christmas eve. So Christmas day is about lounging around in pajamas all day, opening presents.

From left: Me (Kirstin), Aunt Geri, Uncle Jerry (I know, right?), Jared, Grammy.

From left: Me (Kirstin), Aunt Geri, Uncle Jerry, Jared, Grammy. Derby is my black dachshund and Bobbin is our beagle.

Santa knows me well. This year, I was overjoyed to receive a luxury item: onion goggles! I can’t even cut scallions without sobbing like a little girl, but these goggles seal out those horrible onion fumes. Seriously guys, when the fumes meet the moisture in your eyes, acid is formed. ?

Onions are in everything. And I couldn't bear to be in the room when they are being cut. But no longer!

Onions are in everything. Once upon a time, I couldn’t be anywhere near them. But no longer!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays, filled with family and joy.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas with Cliffhouse

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